Repair hooks
Repair hooks

Repair hooks

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(Bone hooks pictured are no longer available)

A repair hook is, in its essence, a thing of beauty. But in the case of these ebony versions, they are literally beautiful to hold and behold. Diminutive double-ended crochet hooks, they're exactly what you need when you've dropped a stitch or two in your knitting and are working those stitches back up along the "ladder" — the double end allowing you, when needed, to slide the hook through the stitch and grab the next one without removing and reinserting it. You might find yourself deliberately making mistakes just so you can pull out your pretty little repair hooks.

- made in India
- sold as a set of 3 — one of each size
- ebony wood
- small is approx 3" long, medium is approx 3.5", large is approx 4"

Note that due to natural coloration variations in wood, no two hooks are precisely alike.

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