Canvas by the bolt

Canvas by the bolt

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We are making our remaining inventory of canvas bolts available for purchase at extremely steep discounts to fellow small businesses.

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There are only two options — choose one and follow instructions accordingly

1) Local Nashville pickup
Use code WILLPICKUP at checkout, then email <> to make an appointment for a time to pick up between August 22-29. (We are not there full time, so please don’t come unannounced!) Bring a vehicle and muscle power commensurate with your order. 

2) You provide shipping labels 
Use code WILLSENDLABELS at checkout, then purchase your postage from the carrier of choice and send the labels and any other necessary documentation and information to <>. 

100 Taylor St Suite A21
Nashville TN 37208

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Each bolt is listed with how much yardage it holds, and you are buying the bolt. (We are not cutting and selling yardage off the bolt.)

- All of the fabrics are 58-60" wide, on 60" tube rolls (see photo), except for the wider "grey-green" as noted below. 

- If you are arranging shipping and buying labels, the package is 60" wide (70" for grey-green) plus the weight noted in the dropdown selection. (Note that we are not able to palletize things for you, and do not have a loading dock, if your carrier asks. These are all individual bolts to be picked up by you or your chosen carrier.)

- Allow for the possibility of a puncture or tear in the packaging, leaving a workaround spot in the outer layer or two of fabric. It happens.

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Please pay extremely close attention to which weight of fabric you are choosing from the dropdown

• Natural cotton duck ("Natural" in the dropdown) is 10 oz. canvas from Sally's, made in India and undyed/untreated. 

• 10 oz. Single Fill Duck w/ Commercial Water Repellent ("10 oz" in the dropdown, pictured at left) is a midweight canvas from Fairfield, used for our Field Bag and Town Bag (main body). 

• #10 Duck is a heavier weight canvas from Fairfield, used for our natural, black and "butterscotch" Porter Bins and "toffee" Rambler. 

• 8.25 oz. Waxed and 10.10 oz. Waxed are TexWax from Carr, used variously for our waxed Field Bags and outer Town Bag pockets. All bolt weights on these are our best guesstimate, and there may be dye lot (wax lot) variations among the waxed natural bolts.

Grey-green duck is army-drab deadstock cotton, also from Sally's, and I don't have further details — it's a softer hand, I'm guessing maybe 8-9 oz duck? It is ~68" wide on a 70" bolt roll. Great stuff we never got to use (other than some Stash Bags).

COLOR NOTE: We've listed the mill's official color name, followed by our name for that color where the two may have differed. Also, the Fairfield color Autumn Gold (what we called "toffee" and which we have multiple full bolts of) is a custom color we had dyed. If you want continuity on that beyond what we have available, I imagine they would be happy to dye more for you, but the minimum order for that is quite large.

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(A) = Unopened/unused, still in its original packaging from the mill, with original label designating yardage (except in the case of a few waxed bolts, which are unopened but unlabeled). In almost all cases, the packaging is heavy-duty plastic weave or sheeting; some of the waxed bolts are in cardboard.

(B) = Intact/uncut, with original mill label in many/most cases, but has lost its original outer packaging. May be dusty on the outer layer or selvage end. We will rewrap in new plastic if you are having it shipped. It will be bare if you're picking up.

(C) = Remnant bolt, no label or orig packaging in most cases, yardage is an estimate based on weight or (in the case of larger/heavier bolts) eyeballing it and making our best guess. May be dusty on the outer layer or selvage end. We will rewrap in new plastic if you are having it shipped. It will be bare if you're picking up.

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